In this era of globalization and specialization, there is the need for our members to acquire in depth knowledge in specialized areas of accountancy practice and share the knowledge so acquired with other professional colleagues. This thought has necessitated the introduction of faculty systems in the scheme of activities of our Institute.
Faculties in professional accountancy systems are voluntary groupings of members of a professional accountancy institute based on specialized interest in a particular area of accountancy practice.

Council has establishment of the following faculties

  • Financial Reporting Faculty;
  • Audit and Assurance Faculty;
  • Financial Management Faculty;
  • Corporate Governance Faculty;
  • Taxation and Fiscal Policy Faculty; and
  • Public Financial Management Faculty

Benefits   for being a member
Faculties exist to enhance professional development of members. They provide members with technical resources they need to carry out their role to the highest standards.
Specifically, membership gives us:

  • Access to a dedicated website with the latest information plus a library of publications and guides.
  • Magazines, e-bulletins and practical guides to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments and legislation.
  • Nationwide events to help you stay in touch and share knowledge and experience with other members.
  • Help with your professional development.
  • The chance to be heard. We respond to government and regulatory bodies and influence domestic and international policy and legislation.
  • Practical advise and guidance to keep you on top of regulation and  best practice
  • Technical update: a comprehensive review  of relevant pronouncement

How to subscribe

  • Join online
  • Go to
  • Click on the ICAG Faculty system image
  • Enter member Reference number to begin subscription process
  • If member number Exist, he or she proceed to function registration by entering details.
  • If details does not exist, an administrator from ICAG will enter the user details in the database or call the numbers below;
  • Call the ICAG office lines  +233 (0) 544336701-2;  +233(0) 277801422-5
  • Send E-Mail to ICAG Chief Executive Officer. Email address  [email protected]
  • Make personal visit to ICAG House

Membership Responsibilities

  • Members of ICAG may join up to a maximum of three faculties.
  • Faculties are to issue quarterly newsletters featuring the best of recent thinking within the body of knowledge of the faculty.
  • Faculty members may contribute to discussions on line.
  • Faculty members may congregate on regional basis once in every six months to discuss topical issues.
  • Faculty members may congregate at the national level once a year to review programmes and activities of the faculty and to set agenda for the forthcoming year.

Organisation of the faculty System

  • The activities of the faculties are (in the interim) to be coordinated by the Technical and Research Manager with the IT Manager providing business systems support.
  • Each Faculty would have a head [A Dean, A Chairperson, A President] who would be elected by the faculty members at the faculty’s annual meeting.  The term of the head shall be one year and shall be eligible for re-election for one more term.
  • The programmes and activities of the faculty shall be financed mainly by the faculty membership dues and fee for activities organized by the Faculty. Where a programme or activity to be undertaken by a faculty has a wider national interest and may require high cag outlay, ICAG Council may offer a supplementary funding.