Soon after Ghana attained independence, the zeitgeist was for the need to achieve optimum development in every facet of the Ghanaian human life. At the time, there was a general yearning by the average Ghanaian to develop local capacity. The training of accountants was experiencing severe difficulties due to inadequate local practical experience for accountancy trainees.

This eventually led to the establishment of a local accountancy professional body which was later incorporated on 19th April 1963 as Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana by presidential assent.

A high point in the early days of the Institute was when it conducted its first batch of professional examinations locally in May 1968 with a pass rate of 2 out of 7 candidates representing nearly 30%. It collaborated with the English Institute of Chartered Accountants in this effort until 1978 when ICAG gained autonomy.

We have not looked back since. Today, ICAG has established its own school to facilitate accountancy training through a better focused and structured effort and pass rate at each sitting in either May or November usually peak over 200 candidates.

In collaboration with the Accountancy Bodies West Africa, ICAG also organizes Accountancy Technician Scheme West Africa (ATSWA), an accountancy technician programme.